3 Most Beautiful Wineries of Napa Valley

The wineries in California’s Napa Valley has much more to offer than just wine tasting. A wine tasting tour of this region allows you to witness historic architecture, a romantic ambience, and lush scenery. When it comes to choosing the Napa Valley wineries to visit, the settings are among the most important factors. People often give more importance to the settings than grapes. 

In recent times, wine tourists are presented with lots of choices. There are over 400 options in wineries to choose from in Sonoma and Napa counties. In the 1970s, there were just 25 wineries in Napa. Tourism in Napa has witnessed tremendous growth over the years. According to the region’s tourism board, this part of California welcomed more than 3.5 million tourists in 2018. 

Amid some stiff competition and growing opportunities, the wineries of Napa Valley are increasing their offerings. Now, you can expect a lot more than the typical wine tastings in the region. Today, the offerings range from garden tours to private dining experiences with Michelin-star chefs. Here are our three picks from Napa Valley’s most beautiful wineries:

1. Faust Haus

This winery was earlier a Victorian estate. After undergoing renovations for three years, it was opened to tourists for wine tasting. This property can be reached within 30 minutes from the Coombsville vineyard of Faust. Fans of California reds must definitely visit Faust Haus. 

It highlights Cabernet Sauvignon from several vineyards spread across the valley. Cabernet Sauvignon is the most widely recognized variety of red wine grape in the world. Tourists visiting Faust Haus can experience both indoor and outdoor wine tastings. These two types of wine tastings give them some immersive experiences with the limited production wines of this winery. 

Along with wine tastings, you can enjoy the awe-inspiring views of Napa Valley and Hollow Mountain. You’d also love spending some time indoors, exploring the fascinating artworks. They include Roberto Ruspoli’s charcoal mural and photographs taken by Lindsay Ross.

2. Darioush

This wonderful property reflects the passion of the Iranian wine collector, Darioush Khaledi. It energizes the heritage and traditions of wine with wine-making techniques of the modern world. The Bordeaux style of wine-making of the brand produces some unique and collectable red and white wines. 

They’re worth exploring through the wine tasting tours of Darioush. You can experience seven different wine tasting experiences at this stunning winery estate. They range from a ‘Signature Mezze’ tasting to the ‘Culture of Wine Experience’. The latter offers wine history lessons and wine tastings paired with some delicious dishes prepared by talented chefs. 

The interiors and architecture of the property are a reflection of Khaledi’s upbringing. They also say a lot about the early beginnings of wine in ancient Persia. Darioush has truly become one of the best wine tasting destinations for many tourists across the world.

3. Alpha Omega

Founded by the husband-and-wife duo Michelle and Robing Baggett, this property is a must-visit wine tasting destination. The couple is world-renowned wine-makers. They blend the old-world traditions with modern techniques and technology. The wines of Alpha Omega are a reflection of the artful balance of old and new. The bottles of wine are made to last for decades, although they can be enjoyed early. 

At the forefront of Alpha Omega’s business are philanthropy and sustainability. A visit to this estate would give you the opportunity to fully experience the depth of its offerings. It is home to a farmhouse-style modern structure that pays homage to the farming community of Napa Valley. The property offers private vineyard tastings with a cheese accompaniment to wine tasting tours for large groups.

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